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ALLURE Poodles

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Entries: 24
26.02.2016 18:52, therese walsh from KEY WEST fl E-mail :
Looking for a white female poodle

29.01.2016 17:07, Ellen Tom from New Richmond E-mail :
Thank you for stepping up and speaking honestly about the 'designer dogs.' As a long time lover and owner of Toy Poodles who are all certified, active Therapy Dogs through Therapy Dogs International (TDI); I'm very disappointed with the diluting of the breed. Kind regards

20.01.2016 17:05, Carolyn from San Diego, ca E-mail :
Saw your photo of Tess, LOVE her! She is just what we are looking for! We are a retired couple who take daily walked. We have a large fenced yard and no pets. We had a Jack Russell who past away several years ago and have been waiting before we decided on another dog. We like an intelligent dog with lots of personality. What really caught my eye with Tess is her super black coat and sweet face. I hope you will consider us. Carolyn

29.12.2015 12:29, Donna Crain from San Diego CA E-mail :
I would like a quote and photos of your white miniature male puppies when available.

24.12.2015 14:07, Eugene Jacobs from Naples, Florida E-mail :
We are searching for a light colored female miniature pure bred poodle puppy.

27.11.2015 15:55, Miriam Pierce from Rockville, IN E-mail :
Thank you for giving me hope that there are people interested in promoting the proper qualities in this beautiful breed. I am looking for a small poodle, but I think I want to meet her before I commit to her forever and you being in Minnesota makes that hard. BUT THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEVOTION !!

06.10.2015 17:37, Karen Reisetter from Iowa City, IA E-mail :
We are in a single family home (fencing planned this fall) with a large yard and looking for a miniature poodle for a pet. Prefer white color. Older puppy or young adult is also OK. Daily walks are part of our day, we are 62 & 71 with no other pets or children in home. Health is most important followed by a relaxed temperament. Thanks, Karen

20.09.2015 17:47, Olya Clonts from Crestview, Florida E-mail :
¨ Waiting list is open for the Next Year white litter---
I would like to know the price for a white miniature male or female. I grew up and took care of two miniature poodles. Now I have a family with grown kids, to have a miniature poodle has been a dream of mine for a long while.

13.08.2015 23:54, Jean from Des Plaines, IL E-mail :
Hi, I love your dogs. I have wanted to get a white miniature poodle for several years now. I've known several poodles over the past few years, and I just love the breed. I am interested in getting on your waiting list for a puppy, but can you tell me first how much a puppy would be? I love the beauty of a well-bred poodle, which is why I am writing you. I want a pure white girl with black nose and pads (am I saying that correctly?). I am a single woman, 60, who would give my puppy the best life possible.

28.06.2015 23:47, margo j dietz from Mankato, MN E-mail :

06.05.2015 07:52, tony montero from encino, ca. E-mail :
I am looking for a miniture

03.02.2014 02:56, diane from b.c. E-mail :
one day when I am ready to have the dog of my dreams it will be one of yours as I find your white miniature poodle of good looking breeding.

08.06.2013 12:07, Laura from St. Peter E-mail :
Boris is doing great, he is now 1 year old and has fit well into our family. He is very smart and has done very well in obedience and is a great family pet. People we meet on the street will often say what a beautiful dog he is. He was a little shy when we first got him but he has come out of his shell. We are so happy we have him.

10.04.2013 13:25, Kelly brooks Suzuki from West hills CA. E-mail :
I stopped by after a client told Me She wanted to get a poodle from you.

Beautiful Dogs and nice site .
I look forward to Lisa getting Her Poodle.

21.09.2012 15:38, carol from mpls E-mail :
Hi, I still have not forgotten about you and your poodles. I will be going to part-time employment, finally, in November, and will then be ready to get a poodle. I will give you a call when the time is right, and maybe we can get together.

08.02.2012 17:58, kathy from michigan E-mail :
like what i read about you, i have had standard poodles my whole life curretley have 2 male and female, black, had one mini but had a bad temperment, would like to downsize eventually with a mini, also would like a cream or white, i know how to groom was taught by a master groomer and the breeder of my first standard how far are you from the metro Detroit area?

21.05.2011 19:32, Cheryl Soledad from Plymouth, MN :
Alec is such a sweetheart! Now that he is a big boy he is even more handsome. When we go walking, he turns heads and everbody admires how gorgeous he is! Thank you for such a great dog and for taking excellent care of him. Congratulations to Lucas and Future's recent wins!

19.05.2011 00:35, Kathy Zack from United States E-mail :
Hi, Buster is wonderful. Everyone who meets him comments on how well breed he is. We are loving watching him "grow up" so much! He's smart, fun and loving! A wonderful addition to our lives! Thank you! Kathy

10.02.2011 10:22, Jitka Pizurova from Czech Republic E-mail Homepage :
Congratulation:) Lovely poodles!Warm greeting from Very-Merry kennel

31.12.2010 22:38, Black Pearl Poodles from SF, CA E-mail Homepage :
You have a Beautiful Dogs! Love your site and Happy New 2011 Year!!!
Black Pearl Kennel

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Entries: 24
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